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Radar Detecting Voids In Concrete


Detecting Subsurface Voids in Concrete via GPR

Potential voids in reinforced concrete slabs, walls, bridges and other structures cause real concerns for engineers and contractors. We work these professionals across all industries, from the military to municipalities and commercial to residential real estate.

Subsurface voids occur for a variety of reasons, including poor drainage, leaking utilities and improper soil compaction. When left alone, those voids can cause moisture and corrosion issues, concrete collapse, reduced durability and much more. It is best to address these problems as soon as possible so they do not cause larger, more financially impactful issues down the road.

With our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment, we can detect voids in concrete in a quick and accurate manner. This allows our customers to identify the depth and location of those voids so they can take action to eliminate them.

When you need help discovering whether subsurface voids exist in the concrete in your next engineering or construction project, turn to our Oregon and Washington State team. Our qualified technicians each average over 15 years in this field of work. We know what we’re doing, and we know how to best serve your needs.