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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

What qualities should you look for when searching for underground utility locating companies


Finding underground utilities is a difficult job. Before performing subsurface work on a property or building a business space, it is vital to call a proficient private utility locating company to mark underground utilities prior to construction. To be a talented utility locator, going through rigorous training is vital. Not all characteristics can be instructed; they are acquired from field experience. Proficient utility locate companies invest more energy in preparing and improving the abilities of utility locators to set them up for success.

Traits and Skills To Look For In Underground Utility Locating Companies!

Look at the traits illustrated beneath to assist you when searching for organizations that provide utility detection and inspection services you can trust.

Trained And Experienced Technicians

Utility detection and inspection services require the utilization of specific specialized equipment. A proficient utility locating company ought to have prepared professionals and staff who have experience taking care of different projects with fluctuating circumstances. This helps provide them with an in-depth comprehension of your venture when discussing the scope of work. To realize how thoroughly prepared a utility company’s professionals are, you can ask for a statement of qualifications. 

Track Record Of Services

When it comes to utility locating, you shouldn’t depend only on credentials on paper. Search for companies with an exceptional track record like we have at C-N-I Locates. You can look at reviews online. You can likewise ask other residential owners or businesses in your space. Ask about private utility locating companies they’ve worked with previously and learn more about their experiences. Hearing feedback from actual customers often provides additional clarity you won’t glean from simply reading the company website.

Advanced Technology Usage

Utility locating tools and methods have improved recently. As opposed to depending on maps and other verifiable information, utility locators presently have ground-penetrating radar (GPR), acoustic listening devices, electromagnetic locators, push video cameras, sewer crawlers, magnetic locators, and other devices that permit them to find utilities, and/or map and inspect them. 

Broad Range Of Services

We wouldn’t suggest using a company whose main technique is one service for utility locating. This implies they are not adaptable and can’t suggest which utility locating technique/service is best for your undertaking. You ought to ask utility-locating organizations what techniques/services they suggest would be best for your unique situation. Working with a utility locating company that offers different sorts of utility locating services ensures they have the knowledge and experience to educate you on the most proficient method to locate utilities on your site.

Easy To Reach

You want to work with a private utility company that is not difficult to contact. Even if a utility locator has the best staff & equipment, it’s a waste of time to hire them if you can’t reach them. Search for a private utility locating company within your area & choose one with a website that clearly outlines how you can reach them. They ought to be reachable via email or phone, as we are at C-N-I Locates, so you can easily contact them at a time that fits your schedule.


Why would you want to wait to have utility detection and inspection services performed, when you can contact CNI Locates and schedule an appointment within 24 hours’ notice Monday through Friday. We will have a technician on site asap so you can start your work and make the most out of your time. 

Avail Reliable Underground Utility Detection and Inspection Services

At C-N-I Locates, we specialize in delivering reliable underground utility detection and inspection services. Our group is committed to excellence and utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to ensure accurate identification and mapping of underground utilities. Our tailored services prioritize well-being and efficiency, allowing clients to proceed with construction and excavation projects. C-N-I believes sincerely in a client-driven approach, offering predictable correspondence and opportune outcomes.

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