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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services


Breaks. Defects
& Cross Bores.


Navigating the Depths with Video Pipe Inspection Services

Our cities have intricate water and sewer networks beneath the surface that are necessary to keep our infrastructure operating. However, there are hazards in the shape of cracks, flaws, blockages, and more within these concealed passageways. With CNI Locates sophisticated video pipe inspection equipment our technicians illuminate pipes helping identify hidden problems and provide in-depth knowledge.


The Importance of Video Pipe Inspection

One essential component for infrastructure management is pipe video inspection. Conventional techniques for identifying issues with water and sewage systems can include costly and intrusive operations like excavation or personal examination. Nevertheless, we are able to perform non-destructive inspections of subterranean pipes using video pipe inspection, giving us comprehensive information about their state without requiring invasive actions.


Sewer and Water Inspections: Illuminating Hidden Threats

The Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) services provided by C-N-I Locates are very helpful in locating concealed hazards in water and sewage systems. Our non-destructive examinations accurately identify the precise obstruction, whether it is an unknown blockage, a blocked duct, or a collapsed sewer lateral. Our VPI services cover everything, from bellies to collapses, tree roots to lateral taps, and offer thorough insights into the state of your water or sewer system.

Modern robotic pipe video cameras and push cameras are just a couple of the tools our team of knowledgeable specialists uses to thoroughly check subterranean pipes. With the use of these sophisticated instruments, we are able to maneuver through the constricted spaces of pipes and take high-definition pictures of their interiors. Every inch of the pipeline may be examined in order to find flaws, fractures, and blockages that could prevent sewage or water from flowing freely.


Water and Sewer Mapping: Charting the Course for Success

CNI Locates utility locating services are augmented by our technician’s ability to identify, inspect, and map water, drainage, and sewer systems using push video cameras and robotic crawlers. Our technicians can provide a detailed video, report, and utility map (if requested) of their findings. Our VPI services enable you to have key information about your system that can help you make deliberate decisions about repairs, modernization, and the construction of new facilities.


Sewer Crawler and Mapping: A Closer Look

Sewer Crawlers enables CCTV video examination of pipes, including long distance or large mainlines with few access points. This approach offers a close-up picture of pipe conditions, identifying cross bore damages, flaws, and structural concerns. It is ideal in scenarios when visual examination is impossible. By using C-N-I Locates‘ sewer crawler inspections and mapping capabilities, you may obtain important insights into the condition of your subterranean pipes, facilitating prompt repairs and preventative maintenance.


Cross Bore Mitigation: Safeguarding Against Catastrophe

Cross bores are potentially dangerous and could unintentionally damage utility lines such as power, gas, communications, sewer, water, drainage, and more.  The repercussions can be dire, ranging from explosions to structural damage to sewage blockages. The VPI services provided by C-N-I Locates are essential for cross bore mitigation because they identify damages caused by cross bores in sewer, drainage, and water pipes and help reduce the chance of disaster. We contribute to the protection against property damage, injury, and fatalities as well as the resilience of our infrastructure by identifying and mitigating these hidden threats.