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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

Professional Utility Locators in Southern Washington

Professional Utility Locators in Southern Washington

C-N-I Locates Ltd has been offering reliable utility detection and inspection services since 2001. Our crew, which includes certified drone pilots and seasoned utility identification and inspection specialists, provides unmatched services for your work area. We have strategically placed field offices in Everett, Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma, Washington. We stand out for our dedication to efficiency; from Monday through Friday, we provide services within 24 hours’ notice. Some of the services we provide are listed below.

Southern Washington Aerial Drone Imagery Services

Our cutting-edge aerial devices, equipped with the most recent drone technology, provide breathtaking high-definition photographs and movies that accurately portray ground paint and markings, as well as the site conditions during utility locates. We provide our clients with modern and up-to-date viewpoints of their project locations by smoothly integrating these images into Google Earth using state-of-the-art Orthomosaic Photogrammetry. As a pioneer in innovation, C-N-I Locates Ltd distinguishes itself by providing three distinct aerial drone imaging services that are customized to your individual requirements. You can count on us to eliminate the need for antiquated maps or satellite images, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and precision on any project we work on.

Aerial Drone Photography: Our aerial photography service uses state-of-the-art remote drone technology to produce still photos and films. Once our utility detection service for the project is finished, this creative solution gives clients instant access to aerial photos of the work area. With the help of this innovative and effective method of project recording, you may observe the site conditions directly.

Orthomosaic Photogrammetry: Our drone technology produces a full-picture representation or map of a particular Earth segment by flawlessly blending and stitching together overlapping photographs, reducing distortions. This special service offers useful information such as utility locations, depth evaluations, and limitations, in addition to showcasing the site conditions throughout the flight. As opposed to old, poor-quality Google satellite maps, the outcome is a high-quality aerial picture overlay on an Earth map, providing you with an improved and up-to-date site map experience. Take a step into the future of mapping with our precise and cutting-edge equipment.

3D photogrammetry: This method uses 3D photo models to capture data from real-world items; after extracting 2D and 3D data from an image, a 3D digital model is created by superimposing pictures of the structure, item, landscape, etc. This tool is helpful if you want a live 3D model of your property or if Google Earth does not already have a 3D image of your property, among other reasons.

Services for Concrete and Structural Scanning in Southern Washington

C-N-I Locates Ltd. offers concrete scanning services in Washington through field offices that are advantageously positioned in Seattle, Tacoma, Renton, Everett, and Seattle. Furthermore, our Portland, Oregon facility serves the southern part of Washington State. Our team of highly qualified professionals uses nondestructive high-frequency ground-penetrating radar antennas with a frequency range of 1500 MHz to 2600 MHz, with a focus on concrete and structural imaging.

These sophisticated GPR antennas are essential for locating conduits, voids, post-tension components, rebar, and other things inside and beneath concrete surfaces. A wide range of services, such as condition evaluations, structural inspections, concrete imaging, and concrete slab scanning, are provided by C-N-I Locates Ltd. Apartments, condominiums, builders, bridges, businesses, contractors, factories, high-rise buildings, homeowners, healthcare facilities, military installations, municipal buildings, ports, remodeling projects, eateries, retail establishments, roads, highways, warehouses, and more are among the clients we serve.

Use our low-frequency GPR pushcart antennas or high-frequency GPR concrete scanning antennas before beginning any tasks like sawing, jackhammering, core drilling, cutting, drilling, excavation, etc. By preventing any unintentional interference with essential elements or utilities within or beneath the concrete during subsurface work, this precaution ensures the preservation of the structural integrity and work areas.

Dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment, C-N-I Locates Ltd uses ground-penetrating radar antennas that emit no hazardous radiation or byproducts. This ensures the safety of our technicians as well as others near the work area. You can rely on us for accurate, nondestructive concrete scanning services that put safety and accuracy first.

Electrical Ground Fault Locating Services in Southern Washington

When electricity unexpectedly finds a way to the ground, aided by an unrestricted and resistance-free channel, it is known as a ground fault. This causes the charge flow to grow swiftly. Dealing with direct-buried cables or wires (not in conduit) increases the chance of a ground fault. The first thing you should do if you discover a defect with an underground cable or wire is to contact C-N-I Locates Ltd. We offer our fault-finding service with as little as 24 hours’ notice, Monday through Friday. We service the whole state of Washington from our field offices in Tacoma, Seattle, Renton, and Everett, WA. Our Portland, OR, facility also provides extra coverage to the southern part of the state.

C-N-I Locates Ltd. was founded in 2001 and has led the way in providing dependable services. Our skilled specialists provide an affordable solution by identifying damage or faults in subterranean wires. In Washington State, we are well-known for providing trustworthy ground fault location services. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as electromagnetic transmitters, receivers, and A-frame fault finders. We can accurately pinpoint the places or locations that require maintenance and repairs thanks to these instruments. The specialists at C-N-I Locates Ltd. are proficient in identifying insulation damage on pipelines and in detecting cable-to-ground problems resulting from damaged cable sheaths.

We send certain fault-finding signals (8K FF) over the concerned cable, pipeline, or wire by using the fault-finding approach. We ensure accurate and timely resolution of subterranean infrastructure problems by providing rapid and effective service. In addition, our services are available with only a day’s notice, Monday through Friday, which adds to the dependability and convenience of what we have to offer.

When handling a damaged wire, pipeline, or cable, wait to excavate until the precise site of the damage is established. Ignoring the defect and the utilities surrounding it might result in dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming issues. For accurate fault diagnosis and a secure, timely solution to your subterranean infrastructure problems, rely on C-N-I Locates Ltd.

Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Southern Washington

With carefully chosen field offices in Everett, Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd. offers a wide range of services throughout the state of Washington. Furthermore, we reach the southern region of the state via our Portland, OR facility. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) services are our area of expertise. We serve a wide range of clients, including medical facilities, military establishments, municipal buildings, apartments, condominiums, archaeologists, builders, bridges, commercial companies, contractors, engineers, environmental firms, factories, high-rise buildings, homeowners, ports, renovations, restaurants, retail stores, roads and highways, surveyors, warehouses, and more, especially when subsurface work is about to happen.

Our professionals perform comprehensive GPR services using nondestructive low-frequency and high-frequency GPR antennas with a range of 250 MHz to 2600 MHz. Conduits, utility depths, features and items, cemeteries, metallic and non-metallic objects, post-tension elements, rebar, septic systems, underground storage tanks (USTs), and voids may all be found with the use of these antennas, both above ground and below. It is highly recommended that the area be scanned by our lower-frequency ground-penetrating radar push carts for deeper visuals prior to beginning any subsurface work. For shallower applications, our high-frequency ground-penetrating radar antennas will be utilized to protect the integrity of the work area.

Ground-penetrating radar antennas from C-N-I Locates Ltd. offer a non-intrusive way to find concealed metallic and non-metallic features, objects, or utilities. Although metal, like rebar or metallic objects, offers the best contrast for GPR to work with, it may find a variety of materials below the surface. The safety of personnel and others around is enhanced by the use of GPR antennas, which emit no hazardous radiation or byproducts, as part of our unwavering commitment to safety. For accurate and safe ground-penetrating radar services that put accuracy and safety first, rely on C-N-I Locates Ltd.

Leak Detection Services in Southern Washington

With easily accessible field offices in Everett, Washington, Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, or Tacoma, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd is your go-to partner for expert leak detection services in Washington State. Additionally, we use our Portland, OR office to expand our services to the southern region of Washington State. To locate leaks precisely, our highly qualified personnel use cutting-edge methods that include tracer gas and enhanced acoustical listening instruments.

It is typical to find a non-conductible plastic water service in residences or structures built after 1969. Specialized equipment is needed to detect leaks in plastic water pipes, and our plastic water detection services are essential for pinpointing the sites of leaks. A new “steel” fish tape has to be put into the water line to offer an accurate location on the pipe in cases where the plastic pipe cannot be located using our plastic pipe detection and ground-penetrating radar. Our specialists can accurately identify the inserted pipe by employing electromagnetic receivers to receive signals that are sent through the steel fish tape by electromagnetic transmitters.

Although C-N-I Locates Ltd makes an effort to offer thorough leak detection services, it’s important to be aware of any potential restrictions on a site. Finding every leak may be hampered by a number of factors, including the inability to drill test holes, utility access, backflow preventers, frost-free hose bibs, landscape matting, noise in the work area, obstacles, path of least resistance, plastic pipes, slopes, soil type, surface type, unknown branching pipes, vapor barriers, and more. When these restrictions occur, we notify the customer right away so they may decide how best to move forward. To offer thorough leak detection services, a follow-up visit could be required after resolving the constraints. For comprehensive and efficient leak detection catered to the particular difficulties of each site, rely on C-N-I Locates Ltd.

Magnetic Detection Services in Southern Washington

A specific technique called magnetic detection is used to identify ferrous metals with accuracy. These metals are identified by their intrinsic magnetic characteristics and iron concentration. When looking for hidden cast-iron pipes, catch basins, fire hydrants, oil tanks, PK nails, road culverts, septic tank handles, steel drums, survey markers, valve and curb boxes, well casings, and other items, this method comes in quite handy. Across all of Washington State, C-N-I Locates Ltd. is a preeminent provider of professional magnetic and metal detection services. Our committed field offices, which are positioned strategically in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, or Renton, Washington, ensure effective coverage. Our Portland, Oregon facility also offers extra coverage that reaches the southern part of Washington State. You can rely on us to detect ferrous materials with unmatched precision, which will help your project succeed.

Metallic Pipe Detection Services in Southern Washington

With field offices strategically positioned in Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, Everett, Washington, and Tacoma, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd is your go-to source for excellent metallic line detection services across Washington. Additionally, from our Portland, OR headquarters, we also cover the southern portion of Washington State. The process of carefully identifying conductible metallic utilities, such as power, phone, TV, gas, water, lighting, and irrigation control lines, is known as metallic line detection or electromagnetic detection. Modern electromagnetic transmitters and receivers are used by our knowledgeable professionals to guarantee accurate and effective detection.

Three different active techniques are used by C-N-I Locates Ltd to locate metallic and conductible utilities. Our devotion to providing comprehensive and precise metallic line detection services is demonstrated by our use of a range of cutting-edge methodologies. You can rely on us to fulfil your unique demands and see your project through to completion by using the newest technology and our extensive experience.

Clipping Straight to the Utility (Direct Connection): Often, attaching the clip right to the pipe is the easiest method to obtain a strong signal on a utility. For optimal accuracy and to minimize interference with other utilities, our professionals advise removing any bonds associated with the utility, especially if it shares a common ground with other utilities. This technique increases the overall efficacy of the detecting process by maintaining a focused and precise signal. Invest in our experts for an enhanced utility identification experience.

Clamping the Utility (Signal Clamp): If our specialists are unable to directly clip onto the utility, they can still detect the utility by clamping it from an accessible place. This clamping technique produces strong signals and is very effective in finding cables, conduits, power risers, communication drops, wires, and other items. Our team’s flexible approaches provide accurate identification even in scenarios where direct access may be challenging. You may rely on our expertise to implement innovative solutions that will provide optimal signal strength and precision for comprehensive utility location services.

Inducing the Utility (Induction): As a last option, our experts will induce the utility when direct clipping or clamping onto it is not possible. Sending an electromagnetic signal into the earth using our electromagnetic transmitters is the process of inducing. Even though inducing is thought to be the least accurate active locating technique, it becomes an essential choice when other techniques are impractical for utility location. This method has become popular, especially when searching a work area for unknown utilities.

At C-N-I Locates Ltd., we use a variety of passive strategies in addition to active ones to locate metallic and conductible utilities. Our devotion to providing thorough utility detection services that are tailored to the specific requirements of each project are demonstrated by our use of a variety of methodologies. You can rely on us to provide creative solutions for utility detection that put efficiency and accuracy first.

CPS: identifies a broad range of cathodic protection signals used in pipeline corrosion control.

CATV: Provides accurate identification of cable TV signals via most subterranean television wires.

Power: Accurately detects the presence of 50Hz–60Hz signals across most hidden electrical cables.

Radio: Accurately detects re-radiated radio signals on a wide range of submerged communication wires.

Non-Metallic Pipe Detection Services in Southern Washington

From our carefully chosen field offices in Everett, Washington, Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, and Tacoma, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd. offers non-metallic line detection services. From the closest field office location, we offer extensive coverage across the state of Washington. From our Portland, Oregon location, we also offer extra service to the southern part of the state. Detecting nonmetallic utilities such as fiber optics, drainage systems, empty conduits, plastic water, and sewage lines, etc., is known as non-metallic line detection. This procedure uses electromagnetic transmitters and receivers in combination with locatable instruments like flex rods, flexi traces, fish tapes, tracer wires, or sondes. Our services ensure precise and trustworthy locates, understanding the need for non-metallic line identification, particularly with utilities that are not naturally conductive. C-N-I Locates Ltd is prepared to provide a wide range of services, including non-metallic line detection, to meet the various demands of customers in Washington State.

Private and Public Utility Locate Services in Southern Washington

With field offices conveniently situated in Tacoma, Washington, Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, or Everett, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd is the leading supplier of both public and private utility locates in Washington State. From Portland, Oregon, we also provide services to the southern region of Washington State. We provide a wide range of services to cover all utility detection needs in Washington State, including Aerial Drone Imagery, Design Survey Locating, Electrical Fault Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar, Leak Detection, Magnetic Detection, Metallic Line Detection, Non-Metallic Line Detection, Plastic Water Pipe Detection, Sewer Crawler Inspections, Underground Utility Mapping, Sophisticated Reports, Structural & Concrete Scanning, Video Push Camera Inspections (VPIs), and more.

Private utilities are typically placed after the meter, which are owned by customers. The utilities on your property, may also be considered private. Private utilities include utilities like water lines from the meter to a house, electrical systems, gas lines, TV and phone connections, sewer and drainage lines for detached structures, backyard lighting, well water and electrical systems, septic systems, propane and satellite dish lines, electric dog fences, gas lines for fire pits and barbecue grills, roof drainage systems, and more. These private utilities require expert detection and inspection services, and C-N-I Locates Ltd is very skilled in finding and identifying them with precision.

Owned by utility corporations, public utilities reach the boundary of private property lines or the meter base. It is legally required to call 811 before doing any underground work (RCW 19.122.). Although public utility locators are very helpful in avoiding public utilities when doing underground work, it is important to remember that private utilities are not covered by the 811 service. Using the services of a private utility locator such as C-N-I Locates Ltd is essential since, in most work areas, fifty per cent of the utilities are private. An underground utility strike happens in the United States every one to two minutes, which emphasizes how crucial it is to use C-N-I Locates Ltd. and contact 811 to accurately locate underground lines prior to starting any subsurface work or excavation. Put your trust in us for thorough and accurate utility location services to protect your project and avert possible dangers.

Plastic Water Locating Services in Southern Washington

Operating from our closest field office sites in Everett, Washington, Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, and Tacoma, Washington, C-N-I Locates Ltd provides unparalleled plastic pipe detection services throughout the whole state of Washington. Furthermore, we provide our services from our Portland, Oregon, site to the southern region of Washington State. Homes or buildings built after 1969 often follow updated codes and use plastic water services. Unless the pipes are inserted with a metallic element or identified by GPR, plastic water pipes—which include ABS, CPVC, PEX, PE-RT, Polypropylene, Polybutylene, PVC, and more—pose a difficulty for electromagnetic detection. To get over this problem, C-N-I Locates Ltd uses electronic pulse transmitters (EPTs) to send a safe water pulse through the pipes that may be picked up by our amplified subsurface microphones.

C-N-I Locates Ltd., which has a distinguished service history dating back to 2001, uses state-of-the-art equipment to accurately find subterranean plastic pipes. Small Electronic Pulse Transmitters (EPTs) and Large Electronic Pulse Transmitters (EPTs), sometimes referred to as knockers, transondes, tappers, thumpers, and plastic pipe locators, are the two different types of plastic pipe detectors that we use in our method. Acoustic listening devices can pick up audible pulses or sounds produced by the Small EPTs in water pipelines. Able to descend to depths of more than 4 feet and span more than 300 feet, their efficiency is contingent upon variables such as pipe diameter, depth, soil composition, and the existence of bends or angles. They work well with smaller household pipes up to 2 inches in diameter, but they also perform well with bigger pipes. However, using acoustical listening equipment, our Large EPTs cause pulses or other sounds in water pipelines. These are perfect for water mains larger than 2 inches in diameter, audible down to 4 feet, and traceable up to 1000 feet. Under some conditions, the noise has been identified at 30 feet below the surface and followed on a 6-inch main cable for more than 1000 feet. Crucially, we provide prompt and trustworthy assistance for all your infrastructure needs, with our services being accessible with only a day’s notice, Monday through Friday.

Underground Utility Mapping Services in Southern Washington

At the forefront of offering specialized underground utility mapping services in Washington State, C-N-I Locates Ltd operates from field offices that are well situated in Tacoma, Seattle, Renton, and Everett, Washington. Furthermore, from our Portland, OR base, we reach the southern region of Washington State. Our group of knowledgeable subterranean utility mapping specialists is essential in preventing mishaps, overspending, expensive detours, harm to one’s reputation, injuries, project delays, and longer project timelines. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of having up-to-date knowledge about subsurface utilities and features since it allows for proactive actions to be taken in order to prevent potential hazards and protects the integrity of both the adjacent properties and the property under construction.

Using sophisticated GPS, GNSS, or RTK receivers, utility mapping is a painstaking process of locating and recording the positions of subsurface utilities and features. The most recent data is then included in a site map, resulting in an invaluable resource for environmental work, engineering, subsurface work, surveying, building, engineering, and future utility locating services in Washington. C-N-I Locates Ltd. provides complete utility mapping services that are intended to arm projects with precise data, encouraging productivity, security, and well-informed decision-making all the way through the building and development stages.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection Services in Southern Washington

C-N-I Locates Ltd provides state-of-the-art pipe camera services by using sophisticated push video pipe inspection cameras to locate pipelines precisely, identify problem areas, and do depth evaluations throughout the whole state of Washington. Our services are provided from our easily accessible field offices in Everett, Washington, Renton, Washington, Seattle, Washington, or Tacoma, Washington. From our Portland, Oregon site, we also provide coverage to the southern part of Washington State. Modern technology is employed to provide unmatched precision and dependability in our examinations. These are a few common causes that call for a video pipe inspection (VPI).

  1. Blockages from foreign objects inside the pipe.
  2. Breaks in the pipe.
  3. Corrosion inside the pipe.
  4. Damage to pipes.
  5. Frozen Pipes.
  6. Misalignments in the pipe.
  7. Leak detection inside the pipe.
  8. Root intrusion inside the pipe.
  9. To identify the vertical and horizontal location of the pipe.
  10. To identify if there are any pipes connected to the pipe.
  11. And more.

C-N-I Locates Ltd Washington State Field Offices and Contact Information

For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at (253) 826-1177, drop us an email at [email protected], or conveniently schedule a work request/estimate directly on our website. To provide a seamless experience, we require just 24 hours’ notice, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment for the following business day. Your convenience and prompt service are our top priorities.


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