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Flex NX

CNI Locates is proud to announce that we have taken the next step into the future of concrete scanning and structural imaging by purchasing GSSI’s Flex NX. The Flex NX is powered by Nexus and is the industry’s most powerful and efficient concrete scanner. The system offers an all-in-one design utilizing a large and integrated touchscreen display that helps provide an intuitive interface with minimal navigation.

The FLEX NX offers new data collection modes that harness the power of simultaneous standard and cross-polarized antennas. Additionally, the Flex NX utilizes Flex Mode for quick prospecting, and live viewing on a paired phone or tablet. We can use the Flex NX on its own, or pair it with an NX15 or NX25 wireless satellite antenna for a flexible solution to any structural imaging or concrete scanning problem. The NX15 wireless satellite antenna can scan up to 40 inches deep and the NX25 wireless antenna can scan up to 30 inches deep. When we’re done, we can upload the results to GSSI Fusion and quickly create an informative and great looking report. 

Flex NX

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