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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

Discover the Hidden Depths Below the Surface Before Commencing Subsurface Work

In the ever-changing landscape of construction and infrastructure development, where progress is measured by steel and concrete, the importance of what lies beneath the ground cannot be overstated. The potential risks associated with unidentified utilities can be formidable, highlighting the crucial expertise of C-N-I Locates Ltd. Established in 2001, we stand as a reliable partner, offering comprehensive subsurface investigation services, including utility locating services and utility mapping services that empower clients to undertake construction projects with confidence knowing precisely what is buried beneath. At the core of our mission is an unwavering commitment to safety, accuracy, and efficiency. Over the past two decades, we have honed our skills and embraced cutting-edge technologies, earning a trusted name in the field. Our dedication to excellence is matched by our ability to deliver services within 24 hours’ notice, Monday through Friday, ensuring that we are not just a service provider but a trustworthy partner in every project.

The C-N-I Locates Ltd Advantage: Tools of the Trade

Our success in subsurface investigation relies on an arsenal of state-of-the-art tools and techniques designed to unveil the mysteries beneath the surface. Here’s how we ensure a thorough understanding:
  1. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar is a non-intrusive method that utilizes radar pulses to create images of the subsurface. This advanced technology enables us to identify the location and depth of utilities, structural elements, and other subsurface anomalies with remarkable precision. This is crucial for effective concrete scanning services and utility locating.
  1. Metallic Line Detection (Electromagnetic Detection) For metallic utilities such as pipes and cables, electromagnetic detection is the go-to method. By inducing an electromagnetic field, we can accurately locate buried metal structures, preventing costly repairs and potential safety hazards.
  1. Non-Metallic Line Detection Non-conductive utilities pose a unique challenge, but our non-metallic line detection method overcomes this hurdle. By inserting a traceable rod into the non-metallic utility, we can precisely trace its path. This method is particularly useful for identifying non-metallic pipes.
  1. Plastic Water Locates Water pipes made of non-metallic materials, such as PVC or HDPE, are common in modern construction. Locating these pipes is crucial to avoid accidental damage during excavation, emphasizing our plastic water locates. Our service involves sending a pulse through the water pipes and acoustically listening for their location, ensuring that these vital conduits are safeguarded during construction activities.
  1. Video Camera Pipe Inspections Sometimes, a visual inspection is paramount. Our high-tech video camera pipe inspections provide real-time footage of the interior of pipes, helping in video pipe inspection services. This not only helps in locating potential issues such as blockages or leaks but also ensures that the structural integrity of the pipes is assessed before any construction activities commence.
  1. Utility Mapping The culmination of our efforts lies in the creation of comprehensive utility maps. These detailed maps provide clients with a clear and concise representation of the subsurface infrastructure. By documenting the exact location of utilities, we empower clients to make informed decisions, mitigating the risks associated with subsurface work.

Unlock Subsurface Secrets with Our GPR Utility Locating!

As a leader in performing ground penetrating radar services, safety is at the forefront of our operations. Through meticulous planning, continuous training, equipment maintenance, effective communication, and responsibility for environmental protection, we ensure that our GPR services not only yield precise results but also prioritize the well-being of everyone involved. Our dedication to safety underscores our mission to provide reliable and responsible subsurface investigation solutions for a wide range of industries. Reach out to us at C-N-I Locates LTD today!

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