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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services





C-N-I Locates Leads the Way with Utility Locating for Communication Infrastructure

Maintaining a connection is not only convenient but also essential in the highly interconnected world of today. C-N-I Locates is here to make sure that your communication projects go easily and securely, whether you’re establishing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), updating macro cell sites, monitoring front haul and backhaul links, or deploying small cell sites. We deliver the vital subsurface information you require to reduce risks and maintain smooth communication with our cutting-edge utility locating services.


Small Cell Sites

In order to meet the growing need for dependable connectivity and improved mobile broadband, more 5G infrastructure is being installed. There are unique obstacles to make room for this technology. Utility mapping services, which provide vital subsurface information, reduce excavation hazards, and ensure the safe installation of new base station equipment.


Fronthaul & Backhaul Connections

Subterranean utilities are crossed via the connections between base stations and core-wired networks and between cell towers and the network backbone. When establishing these connections, directional drilling is a frequent procedure that, if not done well, can endanger persons, property, and reputation. By using the utility locating services provided by C-N-I Locates, our clients may reduce these risks and ensure the smooth running of their communication networks.


Macro Cell Sites

Macro cell tower infrastructure upgrades need careful planning and execution to prevent utility strikes during excavation. The possibility of hitting utilities is constant, whether you are installing generators, fiber cables, shelter structures, grounding grids, etc. With our innovative methods of underground utility locating, C-N-I Locates gives you the utility map you require to design, construct, and run your business securely, reducing interruptions and optimizing productivity.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

With the increasing number of facilities throughout the country retrofitting Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to improve wireless coverage, the dangers of trenching, digging, cutting, or coring through utilities become more evident. The underground utility mapping services provided by C-N-I Locates allow for the rapid mapping and identification of underground obstacles, giving ISPs the confidence to move forward and provide a smooth deployment of DAS technology.

We at C-N-I Locates are aware of how important precise utility locating is to the accomplishment of communication projects. One project at a time, we are dedicated to paving the path for smooth connectivity with our cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable staff. Join us to see firsthand the impact accuracy and dependability can have on the communication infrastructure industry. Get in touch with C-N-I Locates right now to maintain a secure connection.