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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

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Utility Locating Services: Revealing the Hidden

No matter how big or little, every building project starts with a vision. Every shovel dig, whether it’s for building a skyscraper, a new pipeline, or just a backyard fence, increases the chance of running into subterranean utilities. Our lives are softly powered by these invisible networks of pipes, cables, and wires that crisscross beneath our feet. However, if their whereabouts are unknown, a single strike may result in expensive damages, delays, and even danger.

CNI Locates utility locating services play a vital role in damage prevention. In an effort to stop accidents before they happen, we use state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge to find the subterranean infrastructure. Here’s how they’re influencing things:


Utility Locating Beyond the Surface

CNI Locates provides a plethora of utility detection and inspection services that expand outside the realm of standard electromagnetic locates. Our technicians provide a full range of services suited to different requirements:

One Call Utility Locating: CNI Locates can assist one call programs with higher education, design locates, contract locating for public utilities, tickets for large or small work areas, and by designating utilities on public or private property. Thanks to the precision of our utility locating, workers can conduct safe excavation and construction practices, in turn, reducing the risks for all the people relating to the process.

Drilling & Boring Clearance: The first step to performing drilling or boring is to find out what is beneath the surface in the work area. C-N-I Locates technicians specialize in locating private & public utilities, underground storage tanks, unknowns, and other objects beneath the surface for environmental drilling, soil borings, remediation, installing monitoring wells, and Phase 1 or 2 investigations.

Private Utility Locating Service: Since One Call systems only mark public utilities, a private utility locating service is required to mark private utilities. CNI Locates technicians can mark private utilities that the one call system does not mark and double check public marks to ensure they are accurate. Regardless of if it is a residential site or an industrial project, our technicians carry out the details with their systematic locating processes, which help enhance the overall safety of the infrastructure and anyone in/around the work area.

Facility Mapping: CNI Locates can provide accurate and up to date utility maps on every project that we perform utility locating services (if requested). These maps can be used to update existing as built drawings or to create new ones. Additionally, our utility maps have the ability to display the site conditions by incorporating orthomosaic photogrammetry with our aerial drone imagery service. Take advantage of CNI Locates utility mapping services to help stay informed and make important decisions for future projects.


Harnessing Technology for Safety

Modern technology is the backbone of our operations. Our crew is able to look underneath the surface of the earth with never-before-seen clarity thanks to ground penetrating radar (GPR) devices, electromagnetic transmitters/receivers, and other cutting-edge instruments. Years of experience combined with this technology assure accurate location with the least amount of disturbance to existing operations.


A Culture of Safety and Excellence

We are more than simply a service provider; we are a culture of quality and safety. The community’s and our client’s well-being are given priority, and our staff of highly qualified experts goes through rigorous training and follows tight safety procedures. Our technicians have gained the trust of clients in a variety of industries, including utilities, construction, environmental agencies, and more, because of their dedication to producing dependable utility detection and inspection services.

Your Trusted Partner in Underground Utility Locating

You may start your building project with confidence since C-N-I Locates will support you every step of the way. We are here to make sure that every dig is a success with our extensive suite of services, which includes One Call Utility Locating, Drilling & Boring Clearance, Private Property Locating, Facility Mapping, and more. Our team of professionals uses state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to safety and quality to reveal the unseen infrastructure under your feet, enabling you to construct more intelligently, safely, and effectively. You can confidently perform subsurface work by puting your trust in us to navigate the utilities underground.