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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

underground utility locating

underground utility locating


Shining Light on Safety in Solar Energy Projects with C-N-I Locates

In the dynamic world of solar energy projects, safety, and efficiency are paramount. From initial planning to ongoing maintenance, every phase demands meticulous attention to detail to avoid risks and ensure smooth operations. That’s where C-N-I Locates steps in as your trusted partner, offering a range of utility locating services tailored to illuminate hidden dangers and safeguard your project’s success.

Orthomosaic Photogrammetry: A Bird's Eye View for Precision

C-N-I Locates harnesses the power of orthomosaic photogrammetry technology to locate and mark damaged solar panels with the highest precision. Our orthomosaic photogrammetry maps capture current conditions of the work area including buildings, structures, roads, sidewalks, and more.

Underground Utility Locating: Protecting Your Investment Every Step of the Way

C-N-I Locates is the frontrunner for damage prevention on renewable energy projects. During all phases of your project (e.g. planning and design, construction, or operations and maintenance) our dedicated technicians will provide you with the services you need and accurate results. Therefore, you can be sure that your investment is defended at each stage with our underground utility locating expertise.

One Call Services: Your Comprehensive Damage Prevention Solution

C-N-I Locates is a company that provides One Call utility locates services. We are always trying to surpass the industry standards with our One Call services. Our team goes above and beyond the line of expectation in the accuracy of utility locates. Additionally, we are providing ongoing support through the development of a customized One Call program for the operations and maintenance phase. No matter if it is your land or home, C-N-I Locates is your sure decision for protecting assets.

In a sector where safety and efficiency are the basic requirements, C-N-I Locates could be your trustworthy partner for underground locating services. Using our newest technologies and the never-failing dedication to the best of the best, we illuminate hidden dangers and create a brighter and safer solar energy project future. So long, with the uncertainties, choose C-N-I Locates for all your project needs, and let us be together to light the path to success.