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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services


Keeping Power Projects on Track: Partner with C-N-I Locates





Keeping Power Projects on Track: Partner with C-N-I Locates

One thing never changes in the dynamic world of power generation, transmission, distribution, and substation management: the demand for accurate and trustworthy utility locating services. In order to keep you connected to the grid and ensure the success of your electricity initiatives, C-N-I Locates acts as your dependable ally. From distribution networks to transmission towers, power plants to substations, we have the know-how and tools necessary to efficiently and precisely negotiate the complexity of subterranean infrastructure.


Power Generation

Power Plants involve several layers of interconnected pipelines underground that run through various obstructions. We must make sure that we have a visualization of what is below the surface before getting down to the actual construction or renovation. C-N-I Locates is responsible for the identification, plotting, and upgrading of utility records such as maps and existing utility as-built drawings to keep them accurate and updated. Through our services, it is easy to lessen the risk of damages to components and to ensure smooth completion of projects.


Power Transmission

It is important to consider existing utility locations when installing transmission towers or poles and needs precise planning. C-N-I Locates deals with a full range of utility locating services including both public right-of-ways and private utility locates. We operate in all different types of project areas to fulfill the strict requirements of the transmission infrastructure. Drawing on our experience, you can walk in with full assurance that your subsurface utilities are under safe management.


Power Substations

Power substation excavation poses special risks and obstacles. Subterranean utility designs and documents that are now in existence are either insufficient or out of date. C-N-I Locates offers critical mark-outs inside substation compounds and specializes in locating typical anomalies such as grounding grids and duct banks. You can reduce risks and make sure your substation projects are successful by working with us.


Power Distribution

In order to open up new routes for the distribution of power, rigorous planning and execution are needed. Underground utility mapping is a critical step in any duct bank construction or pole installation. To assist with the distribution stage of electricity projects, C-N-I Locates provides a knowledgeable utility locating service that lets you get through any roadblocks quickly and effectively.

We at C-N-I Locates are aware of how important precise utility locating is to the accomplishment of electricity projects. Our team’s knowledge and cutting-edge technologies are dedicated to keeping you connected and advancing development in a responsible and safe manner. Join forces with us to see firsthand the impact accuracy and dependability can have on the power infrastructure industry. Speak with C-N-I Locates right now to see how we can support your power initiatives for a better tomorrow.

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