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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

private utility locator

private utility locator


Is Underground Utility Mapping Worth the Cost?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your feet when you start digging for a new project? Knowing the exact locations of underground utilities like electrical, gas, water, and sewer lines can prevent a lot of headaches. This is where underground utility mapping comes in.

What is Utility Mapping?

Utility mapping can, therefore, be described as a process of identifying the location of utilities and establishing their geographical representation on a map. It makes it easy for you to be able to visualize areas that you cannot access physically and helps with safe excavation of soil, proper plan of maintaining buildings, and to avoid dangers of collapsing due to hitting utilities. Utility maps provide a detailed picture of where all the pipes and wires are to the precision you need.

The Problem with Inaccurate Utility Mapping

Maps can be inaccurate or out of date for utility installations such as electrical, gas, water, sewer, steam, irrigation, and telecommunication lines. This puts the facility and project managers in doubt regarding the location of utilities and increases the possibility of associated unanticipated and dangerous strikes.

Recent data from the Common Ground Alliance’s DIRT Report shows a worrying trend: that has led to frequent instances of underground utility strikes. These strikes, which account for 94% of utility strikes, can be attributed to the inaccurate location data of utilities. This has a direct implication that there is increased pressure, expenditures, and injuries in construction and other related maintenance works for all in the industry.

How C-N-I Locates Can Help

C-N-I Locates’ technicians address these problems with over 99% accuracy. With reference to best practices and utilizing the most advanced technology, we develop comprehensive, multiple-tiered digital utility maps. The high degree of accuracy is the principal benefit that will protect you from numerous errors with regard to underground utility mapping.

Steps to Avoid Underground Utility Strikes

To minimize risks when digging, follow these four essential steps:

1. Call 811/One Call First

It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small; the first thing anyone should always do before digging is to call 811. Implemented as a free service, it gives the locations of public utilities on your land projected to the nearest street address. It’s illegal to conduct subsurface work without contacting 811 first.

2. Hire a Private Utility Locator

More than half of all utility lines are not owned by public utilities. To ensure a safety measure, one should hire a private utility locator to mark all the utilities, both private and public ones. Select a firm that will help you in the creation of digital maps and develop detailed documentation of your site.

3. Update Your Ground Disturbance Policy

What are the key provisions that mandate the precise identification of utility infrastructures before digging? The best practices can be adopted through a free Ground Disturbance Policy Review provided by C-N-I Locates.

4. Use a Secure, Shareable Mapping Platform

Not all utility maps are equal and provide the same level of detail. Do not select firms that give a guarantee of delivering the right data without physically inspecting the site. Likewise, C-N-I Locates provides you with utility data you can access at your convenience on any device possible. This puts your team in the best place to have access to the timeliest and most pertinent data.

Why Choose C-N-I Locates?

C-N-I Locates sets itself apart from the competition due to the accuracy and integration of an array of utility detection and inspection services. We provide accurate, clear, and easy to read utility maps. Every locate comes with PDF and KMZ files of the locations, and prepared maps can be sent via email. This means that you get to pick what you need when you need it, thus keeping your project timelines on track, enhancing on site safety, and keeping costs down.

We provide additional services like 3D photogrammetry, and RTK mapping to produce accurate outlines of the site for improved preparation and design.


When you add it all up, the cost of underground utility mapping is worth every penny. It prevents costly mistakes, ensures safety, and keeps your projects running smoothly. Choosing a reliable company like C-N-I Locates, which offers accurate detection and mapping along with secure data management, is a smart investment. It’s all about protecting your assets, your team, and your budget.

Don’t gamble with underground utilities. Trust C-N-I Locates for precise, reliable utility mapping services.