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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services

Energy Sector

Energy Sector


Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in the Energy Sector with C-N-I Locates

In the fast-paced world of energy production, safety and efficiency are non-negotiable. From upstream exploration to downstream distribution, every step requires meticulous planning and execution to avoid risks and ensure smooth operations. That’s where C-N-I Locates steps in as your trusted partner, offering a range of services tailored to meet your needs across the energy spectrum.

Upstream: Navigating Underground Challenges

Exploration, drilling, and extraction are essential for upstream work. Before commencing any subsurface work, the identification of underground utilities is vital. C-N-I Locates collaborates with companies who are involved in upstream work by identifying pipelines, flowlines, water lines, and other critical infrastructure. From our knowledge, you can see your designed world with confidence, which will satisfy the documentation and record-keeping requirements properly.

Downstream: Mitigating Risks Every Step of the Way

Downstream work that involves oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and distribution facilities, face unique dangers. An array of subsurface infrastructure can make excavation extremely dangerous. Our expert technicians search for underground infrastructure and accurately mark it before any digging takes place to ensure that safety is never threatened.

Midstream: Ensuring Reliability Along the Pipeline

C-N-I Locates is a company with vast experience in locating underground utilities accurately and efficiently. When you are working around pipelines, gathering lines, transmission lines, terminals, compression stations, or storage facilities, accuracy is vital for a safe and successful project. Whether the utilities are natural gas, petroleum, oil, etc. our comprehensive subsurface utility locates ensure reliability at every step.

C-N-I Locates Can Offer Solutions for Your Oil and Gas Project During Its Whole Life Cycle


The oil and gas sector depends on comprehensive visualization of both aboveground and subterranean infrastructure for safe development and effective planning. Utility locates and utility mapping help you visualize your project and save time and money to give a more comprehensive image of existing assets.


During the building and restoration of Oil and Gas infrastructure, it is essential to locate subterranean assets so a safe crossing plan may be devised before beginning any trenching, directional drilling, or other excavation operations. C-N-I Locates is here to locate pipeline crossings, map terminal facilities, offer One Call services, or confirm as-built conditions. Our services can also be used to locate the precise information required to finish a project safely.

  • Operations and Maintenance

The project’s completion does not eliminate the potential for harm to subsurface infrastructure and utilities. Excavation must continue in order to maintain and upgrade pipelines, storage facilities, terminal stations, and refineries. On both public and private land, C-N-I Locates is well-equipped to carry out One Call locates and offer subsurface visualization for these assets.

One Call Services: Your Partner from Start to Finish

At C-N-I Locates, our dedication does not only cover the process of locating underground utilities but also goes beyond it. We pass the industry standards by delivering whole infrastructure visualization. Furthermore, we will design a One Call program specific to your needs, which will easily move with you through the operations and maintenance phase. Whether it is public or private property, C-N-I Locates is your easy way to prevent damage and get continuous support.

In a field where safety and efficiency are the most important factors, C-N-I Locates distinguishes itself as your trustworthy associate. Due to our unmatched knowledge and commitment, we are certain that your energy projects will go smoothly and safely from beginning to end. Leave the uncertainties and risks behind; pick C-N-I Locates for all your underground utility locating needs.