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It's a Jungle out there. Underground Utility Detection & Inspection Services





Empower Your EV Charging Project with C-N-I Locates

Safety and accuracy are critical in the fast-paced world of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Assuring the success of your EV charging projects is our top priority, whether you’re an accommodating business eager to embrace the EV revolution, a charging station owner, a surveyor, installer, or contractor. C-N-I Locates is your reliable partner in this regard. We provide underground utility locating services to ensure safety and keep your projects on track thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and steadfast dedication to preventing subsurface damage.


Charging Station Owners

In addition to being expensive, striking utilities when installing EV charging stations may be hazardous and bad for your business’s reputation. Here at C-N-I Locates, we recognize how critical it is to reduce risks and leverage resources in order to guarantee the placement and sustainability of your preferred EV charging stations. Accompany us on our endeavor to avoid 100% of subsurface damages and establish C-N-I Locates as your preferred utility locating service provider. With our accurate utility maps and professional advice, you can go forward with assurance, knowing that efficiency and safety are the driving forces behind every move.


Surveyors, Installers, and Contractors

Even the most carefully thought-out EV charging installations might go awry due to redesign expenses and project delays. Because of this, C-N-I Locates promises to arrive on location 24 to 48 hours after you schedule and underground utility locating service with us (Monday-Friday). Our prompt action ensures that all the accessible/visible subterranean utilities are located, enabling your construction teams to move on with confidence and your plans to be precise. When you work with C-N-I Locates, you can keep your projects on schedule and within budget. By removing doubts and streamlining the building phase with our all-inclusive utility locating services, you may save time and money.


Accommodating Businesses

Businesses are adopting this sustainable energy option at an increasing rate as the demand for EV charging stations rises. To prevent detrimental impacts to the current electrical system, installing EV charging stations on existing premises needs to be planned carefully. Ground penetrating radar is used by C-N-I Locates for locating underground utilities and obstacles, averting expensive mishaps, and providing a seamless installation procedure. Businesses may future-proof their buildings while lowering risks and boosting efficiency by working with us.

We at C-N-I Locates are your dependable partner in the quest for sustainable advancement—we’re more than simply a utility scanning business. We are here to help your EV charging initiatives every step of the way, whether you’re an accommodating company, surveyor, installer, contractor, or owner of a charging station. Make an appointment for a service with us right now to take control of your EV charging future with assurance. Let’s make the transition to a greener tomorrow together.